Document Management


What is Document Management ?

Document management is the storage and retrieval of documents. With or without documentation management, your organization captures, stores and retrieves documents every day. For many organizations, this process is incredibly time-consuming and often overlooked. The documents come in both paper and electronic form. An invoice from a postal merchant is a paper document that can be clearly read and moved on. However, this invoice probably begins with an order from your business. This order can be an electronic record in the accounting system. Now, we have two related documents that need to be put together as a reference, but how they are stored is very different. This is a simple example. We may have complicated the case by adding a delivery receipt, acceptance document or even a contract. Again, these other documents may be in different formats or different systems. Even worse, they can be in different parts. A contract can be stored in a filing cabinet at the legal department. The delivery receipt may be at a depot or loading dock. Acceptance may ultimately be attributed to the functioning department receiving the order. Now we have added different groups that can be in different physical locations.