What is Digitizing Documents ?


What is Document Digitizing ?

There are many different terms that companies use to describe real processes when converting to paperless offices. Sometimes they say document viewing; Sometimes the document is scanned. There are some companies that call your documents digitization or document conversion.

To search for the same thing in many different ways, people tend to be confused about the internet. Document scanning and document conversion seem to be quite descriptive - taking a document and physically converting it to a digital scan or a media (tape backup, paper, microfiche, etc.) into a digital format

The only thing is, there is a small difference between digitizing and viewing your documents - but the term can be used interchangeably by industry and potential customers.

Technically, you digitize your documents, take a hard copy document and turn it into a text. Often, you use a program or service that provides Optical Character Recognition that allows you to edit certain parts of the document (or all of them). You can also use digitized documentation for materials that need to be rearranged. Digitizing your documents allows you to index your document management system (DMS) files; Making it easy to retrieve and maintain files, since the entire text string can be added and searched. Often, if you want to digitize your documents, it may be helpful to consult a company that specializes in document scanning to avoid the major difficulties of setting up and managing your files' indexing and editing.

That's why we help you choose the right methods for Document Digitization.