Service Bureu - Document Digitalization

Service Bureu - Document Digitalization

Digitizing Examples

Digitization is not structured in general not detectable by electronic systems

Translation of form information into structured form that can be perceived electronically

Applications. The importance of digitization applications

One way to create digital protection. Terminology usually digital protection

And digital archiving can be used in place of each other. In electronic environments

Printed documents as well as visibility in electronic systems

The documents provided further expand the scope of digital protection (Rieger,

2008). Digital protection in this frame is the only document

But also to provide multiple access as well as redundancy.

In general, digitalization and digital protection applications

(Cornell University Library 2009;

Rieger, 2008, p.3):

1. Do all contents have to be digitized? What resources need to be protected

How can the selection process be applied? According to a large-scale survey