PDF IFilter


The SECUBE PDF IFilter was originally developed using the Microsoft IFilter indexing interface.

PDF IFilter provides extraction of text and metadata from PDF documents. This allows SharePoint to index data from systems like WSS, SQL, Outlook. The PDF IFilter provides super-fast indexing, which allows users to index multiple PDF documents and then specify search criteria to quickly find the documents they need. The SECUBE PDF IFilter, created in the Microsoft® IFilter indexing interface, extracts data from PDF documents and returns the index results to the search engine software. Goes beyond Adobe® and Foxit and includes text and data in forms that include PDF content, titles, topics, authors, keywords, forms (both standard PDF and XFA forms), bookmarks, attachments, date / and the names of the applications that created it. This results in more precise search results. PDF documents can be quickly searched via desktop, on an enterprise server, or through keywords on the Web. These PDF documents can be files, email attachments or database records.