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Document Management System and Office-in-One solution. CubeBox Document Management System has advanced tools that you can create and edit Word and Excel files. This removes the need for MS Office for Word and Excel file types. Files created by users are automatically stored in the database and are read from the database when the file is requested to be opened. This way, all the data belonging to the organization can be gathered in a single point to create an automation system that can easily provide security, backup, authorization and similar needs.

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Perfect solution for professional projects. ownOffice FreeOffice 2016 is free for home and business use. Once you have used it, you will believe that Microsoft Office is the best free alternative.

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OwnOffice is a complete office suite that includes a word processor, spreadsheet application, and presentation program, all of which are compatible with similar ones in Microsoft Office.

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OwnOffice is a powerful office suite: Clean interface and powerful tools will bring your creativity to the top and increase your productivity.

OwnOffice is the most powerful free office alternative on the market.

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OwnOffice Free Office allows all your employees to use Office programs for free. The cheapest MS Office package is sold for an average of 399 TL. By multiplying this price by your user count, you can easily calculate how costly it is. OwnOffice saves you from these costs. Separately, ownOffice also lets you do all these things over the Web. MS office alternative, free office, free office, free word, free excel, free powerpoint, unlimited free office, get free office, buy free office, office 365, microsoft office, ms office, word, excel, powerpoint, free software

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Do not you want to free Word and Excel products, two of the most used office software, for free? Here's what ownOffice offers you for free. You just buy the CubeBox document management system, come with Word & Excel.

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Do you know what you can do with these two software on the CubeBox e-Archive and Document Management System built-in Word & Excel? Here's one of the greatest features of ownOffice's built-in Word & Excel! And with all its features. Without restriction. Free.