Worflow Management System



FlowCUBE Workflow management can be used to determine the process of form requirements of different units in an organization, All the business rules in the middle level can be visually designed and new items can be created.


Project Description

Workflow management can be used to determine the process of form needs of different units within an organization, Without the need for concepts such as workflows to be done within the specified rules and within the desired time slot is to ensure. Companies implementing workflow management provide many measurable and measurable benefits. The days of wandering in the corridors to see where a task is, who is responsible for it, and whether or not the job is done is far behind. In addition to the CentraCube Workflow Management System, questions, guesswork and hiding are no longer conflicting. The CentraCube Workflow Management System tells you if a job has been completed. The next step is to automatically check who you are and find out who is holding, being done, delayed. In short, you will be aware of all of your form processes within your competence.

You can find out more about sector-based benefits of our workflow management solution HERE.

  • Industry standard
  • Maintenance and operating costs are dramatically decreasing.
  • In XAML build
  • Have visual design
  • Use of workflows with Web / WCF service
  • ASP.Net, Java, desktop applications, use by mobile applications
  • Workflows with state machine, sequential workflow and flow diagram type
  • Classic business logic and workflows of approval / rejection type
  • Workflow server and visual development / design environment
  • Independent workflow server (works as Window service)
  • Monitoring and management of business flows
  • Possibility of applications to be resumed from the point of use by utilizing the persistence properties of the workflow system
  • Handling such business logic in a workflow system rather than spreading the business logic of our applications to many different ASP.NET pages, for example, makes the applications simple and manageable.
  • Maintenance and operating costs are dramatically decreasing.
  • Changes in legislation minimize the intervention of the source code for reasons such as changing needs.
  • Information systems can be used in application software to meet all institutional needs. Easy to use in platform and language independent applications of all public institutions and organizations

It provides programmers with a flexible and powerful working environment for developing new workflows. This prevents users from spending time creating their own work environments. It contributes to the consistency of the developed application and improves productivity. It is the basis for the creation of users' specific activities using existing activities. At design time or at run time, the workflow can be changed without making any changes to the source code. Because the logic of the application is specified in the workflow separately, not in the source code. It makes it much easier to develop applications for software developers in term