ELCOM Biometric Signature Pad


ELCOM Secure Sign II Biometric

Secure Sign, an innovative screen with dual touch panel and signature area and card reader. It provides electronic identification of the body, modern biometric signatures and objective and sophisticated verification; Not only for clients but also for organizations that use this advanced equipment.

Secure Sign, multimedia advertising, corporate news - allows you to make presentations, including text playback, documents, videos, audio playback. It simply identifies your customers with a smart card reader. The device provides a direct offer to the business client and allows the menu selection and approval of the selected services. Verify the customer's documentation with a handwritten electronic signature!

Secure Sign provides only client identification with an ID card. This concept is very secret, the customer's data is safe. The customer naturally chooses one of the deal menu parameters with a finger touch and signs the document with the electronic pen - the signature takes the place of the other documents. Verification of the signature is the objective thanks to the revolutionary software that confirms the tendency and dynamics of pencil printing.

The signature has virtually no chance of being faked.