Digital Archive Technical Specifications


  1. Aim

This specification includes; It aims to provide the purchase of products and services that will enable archival materials to be used in the Indexing and Search Engine Layer system within the scope of the Digital Archive Project. The system to be installed in this context will index the documents and query the document contents and document identification information from Desktop and Web based search engine interface.2.

2. General

    1. The contractor shall deliver the system in working condition within 10 days following the contract.

      Existing copies of the original or electronic copies of the documents will not be requested to be removed from the institution for various studies or tests.

      Documents in archival material will be included in PDF / A format, which can be text-searchable to the indexing engine. No changes will be made to the document structure, folder structure, document name and folder names of the mentioned documents.

      The Contractor shall also carry out the training activity during the work performed by working with the personnel to be determined by the Administration. The personnel to be determined by the Administration will also supervise the work at the same time.

      The CONTRACTOR will provide technical support for 1 (one) year and will be covered by the warranty for 1 (one) year. Within the scope of technical support, software versions will be provided free of charge by the CONTRACTOR and new versions will be installed by the CONTRACTOR upon request of the ADMINISTRATION.