Digitizing Documents Archiving Process


After the documents are transferred to the digital medium, the archive is examined after the environment to be stored, the software and tools necessary for indexing the documents are mutually decided, and the folders are sorted by groups. All the documents in the folder are extracted in groups and cleaned from paperclips and staples. The features such as size, paper type, and document type are evaluated and scanned on appropriate devices and optimized by file size and quality, converted to the desired file format and archived by indexing with desired key words.

Standards and Issues in Digitalization

Digitization efforts are nowadays in the form of digitization and preservation of their origin so that library and archive materials can be accessed for many years and served to a greater number of users. But due to the misunderstanding of the purpose of digitalization studies in the past, the destruction of many original documents has become a matter of concern. Destruction of original documents leads to Migration problems, which means that at the very beginning a document will be made available on newer or, if necessary, older systems. Because the technology is changing at a great pace, and with this change, the incompatibilities between the software are naturally causing us to lose access to the document we created using the old version of software by using the new version.