Rapid change and development in information technologies also necessitates change and development in the business and operations of institutions. There are many factors in the development of institutions and their survival. These include the management structures of institutions, communication models and coordination of information technologies. With the coordination of these factors, institutions can develop and bring themselves to the future. In addition to the production of information in the future of institutions, the access, use, sharing and archiving of produced information requires new systems and applications. Innovative approaches and practices of information and document management discipline are seen as the most important factor in the development and rapid spread of electronic document and archive management systems. Electronic document and archive management systems ensure that businesses and transactions are performed quickly, economically, efficiently and efficiently. In this context, forming the ICT dimension of said system software development / institutionalization and secure platform for managing ensuring their sustainability and institutional memory of the need to focus on the transportation future is among the most important issues. Electronic document management and e-archive systems and digitization studies for the institutions and organizations that aim to be e-institutions within e-government studies constitute the first and most important steps of being an e-institution. In this context, by the Ankara University, the main theme of the Future Institutional memory in the 22 to 23 October 2015: Digitization and Electronic Archive Electronic Document Management Uygulamaları‖ latter is arranged with an e-BEYAS 2015 Symposium. Ankara University, hosted by Ankara University Document Management and Archiving System (BEYAS) Coordination and Ankara University Information held by the IT Department, Ankara University Department of Information and Records Management Department and Marmara University Department of Information and Records Management Turksat with the Department of collaboration Inc. Publishing and sharing of the notifications are of special significance because it is the only symposium organized regularly in the field of e-BEYAS 2015 Symposium which is the second one in the main sponsorship.

Digitization of Archive Documents and e-Archive Applications (Management)

TS 13298 Electronic Document Management and e-Archive Systems Standard

E-Archive Software and Technological Infrastructure Requirements

E-Document Management System (EMS) Software and Technical Infrastructure Requirements

Sustainability and Institutionalization in e-Document Management Systems

E-Integration of Archives and Electronic Document Management Systems

Legal Dimensions of Digitalization: Its Effects on Legal Processes and Management Processes