Digital Archive Benefits


Document Scanning, Document Conversion and Improvement

Document Scanning

Document scanning is a commonly used term, but the process is very different from converting or improving the document. Scanning a document results in an illustrated version of a document or an electronic copy of the paper document. It is a picture of the document without any intelligence, ie. searching or cutting and pasting to other documents.

Document Conversion

Document Conversion goes beyond the basic scan and includes the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) version of the text on the document.

Document Improvement

Document Enhancement takes document conversion one step further by adding images and signature meta tags and correcting the order in which tables and columns are read for use by assistive technologies such as screen readers.

What can be transformed or corrected?

Paper, microfilm, microfiche, and other source media can be converted to digital images. Conversion and Improvement may also include electronic files that require images and text to be presented in a different format.

Document Scanning, Conversion and Improvement Benefits

The resulting electronic documents can be assigned metadata attributes for quick, easy storage and retrieval in a document management or record management system. The presence of text document allows for in-depth search and correction of documents for use with assistive technology. Your privacy is assis- guided by your accessibility to and compliance with Section 508 regulations regarding the scanning, conversion and correction of electronic data in accessible formats, electronic documents and information. It enables quick and easy reuse / reuse of information in documents.

Electronic Records can be legally accepted when properly managed.


Access all scanned documents online securely.

• Document collection, shipment and delivery

• File formats based on specifications, including most commonly used PDF and PDF-A.

• Complete software integration and OCR scanning.

• Expert quality control.

• State-of-the-art, climate controlled document storage facilities.

• Document shredding services, document data compression services

• Web access, online backup and external storage.

• 40 years of expertise in business, local ownership, records management.

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