Difference Between OCR and ICR


What is ICR ?

Smart character recognition (ICR) is the conversion of manually entered text characters into computer readable characters. In practice, characters are entered in a rough printed form from an I / O device, and then the image of the captured data entry is analyzed and converted into machine readable characters. ICR is similar to optical character recognition (OCR) and is sometimes used in conjunction with OCR in form processing.

Prior to ICR and OCR technology, form processing was performed by data entry operators who read the data types from the computer into electronic forms and entered it manually and in the same format as the paper forms. The data received from the paper forms contained typewriter or computer-generated fonts, handwritten characters, check boxes and bubbles, barcode s and signature. Today, form processing consists of the scanner s, OCR and ICR technology, and is form processing software that automates this process and takes part of the time, with about 98% accuracy achieved by data entry operators.

ICR Advantages

ICR, OCR, or optical character recognition capabilities. OCR can recognize text characters in scanned image documents, but as it is limited to printed text, handwriting makes it impossible to automate the processing of forms. ICR or smart character recognition can recognize handwritten text, despite the many variations, which gives the user more flexibility with automatic data entry.