CZUR Scanner Desktop


CZUR ET16 Scanner

A fast scanner

CZUR ET-16 is capable of scanning a single page in less than 1 second. So, theoretically speaking, you can scan 60 pages in 1 minute. In the real world, however, we will say you can scan around 40 pages in 1 minute because the actual scanning speed is still limited by how fast your hands can manipulate a book’s pages before the scanner.

Digital Camera-Based System

We are using a digital camera-based scanning system instead of the traditional linear image sensor based system, that helps to archive a much faster scanning. With the traditional linear image sensor scanners, the sensor array and light source need to move across the pane, reading the entire area, and then go backward before scanning the next page which is a drawn-out process. CZUR ET16 works totally differently. It takes a snapshot of the document placed beneath its lens in a split second, much like a camera, so it is amazingly fast.

SONY 16M-Pixel HD CMOS Sensor

CZUR ET16 is equipped with 16M-Pixel HD CMOS Sensor, when compared with the CCD sensors commonly used in other overhead scanners, CMOS sensors have no limit to the number of data readout channels, so its data readout is quicker. When it comes to the scanner, that means ultra-high-speed scanning.

CPU and Memory

A scanner is not just about capturing the image, it needs to process the image too. CZUR ET16 has a 480MHz 32-bit MIPS CPU on board, working together with the 1GB DDR3 cache memory, 2GB NAND flash storage, CZUR ET16 can complete the image processing (flattening the image, removing fingers, auto crop, de-skew etc.) quickly and smoothly.

A Non-destructive Scanning Solution - Book Scanned Without Damages

CZUR ET16 is an overhead scanner which offers a perfect non-destructive scanning solution. With traditional scanners, bound material scanning requires unbinding in advance which is time consuming and destructive. it is very unlikely that your book/bound reports/delicate manuscripts can remain intact at the end of their ”scanning journeys” with traditional scanners. With CZUR ET16, scanning a book is safe and easy. Just placing the book beneath the scanner’s lens and pressing the scan button, your book will remain intact from the beginning to the end.

Easy to use - Designed with the user in mind