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CubeOCR - Most successful OCR Technology that we developed !

Have you ever had to transfer a document on a piece of paper to a computer?

If you have not done this, you can imagine how time consuming and annoying it is. However, if you have a computer and a scanner, you can effortlessly transfer and edit all of your documents.

What is this OCR?

OCR is an abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition words and stands for 'optical character recognition'. OCR software scans words and pictures on a page (for example, a magazine page) and analyzes them up to words and letters using various algorithms. In the final transformation, if a simple text form is used, whether it is a Microsoft Word form, OCR converts the contents of a view into a series of letters; Letters, phrases, phrases, etc. . So you can edit the letter case. That is, the document on paper becomes the same in Word as a document prepared by you or someone else.

Project Description

CubeOCR is an Optical Character Recognition Software developed for Windows. CubeOCR also supports browsing from Twain supported browsers. It can also open most scanned PDFs and popular image file formats as well as multi-page Tiff images. CubeOCR gives a plain text output for processed optical characters and can be exported directly in Microsoft Word format. CubeOCR can now scan using Twain and WIA scan drivers. CubeOCR also has page layout analysis. Thus, more accurate results can be achieved by using the zone selection tool.


Scan Software

Besides all these features, CubeOCR can scan and save images in JPG format. In addition, the "Scan to PDF" feature, which offers the option to save as searchable PDF when we are working on it, will also increase the added value of our product.





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