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CubeBox is an enterprise e-Archive and Document Management System. It has the ability to search for unique content. You can search the contents without opening the files. At this rate you gain speed and save time. It also offers the option to sync with Dropbox and Google Drive. Everything you need to manage your Digital, Digital Archive is provided with CubeBox. You can review our digital archive service with digital archive management. DYS has an API that can integrate with EBYS systems and provide very powerful everything. The software includes 100% native and native PDF Viewer, so you do not have any problems when you open your PDFs.

Since 2014, the private sector and the government have helped to keep the DYS EBYS archive in electronic environment and all the operational processes and documents belonging to our customers are kept in the electronic environment. Therefore, when needed, document access can be achieved quickly. In addition, CubeBox e-Archives and DYS EBYS means that our customers can access the required documents via the web at the same speed. CubeBox DYS EMS runs on your machines or servers. Your data will not go out. You can use all the data sources that you can access from your computer. However, no one else can access the CubeBox DYS EBYS. By including your personal data archive, your own e-mail, you can put an end to your document search problem.

Doküman Yönetimi ve Belge Tarama Hizmeti

We offer advanced document scanning, conversion and indexing services. We offer Best Practices for Scanning Outsourcing Services; we will strengthen your corporate processes by transforming documents into digital assets. Our services facilitate access to instant and secure information that increases your productivity, performance and profitability. It can work with all kinds of EBYS DYS systems.

Fast conversion and high quality output are recognized as experts in providing document scanning services to support large-scale, mission-critical conversion services for projects that require it.

Utilizing our sophisticated technology and processes, we can ensure that every secure file is searched quickly and accurately by providing your organization with the highest image quality and coded data available in today's industry. We achieve our services by adapting each project to meet its own needs.

As stated in detail in the description of the steps below, we take every precaution to minimize variation by continually improving each stage of the process to ensure consistency and quality. This is a prime example of ISO 9000 and Total Quality procedures that we try to stay connected to and based on:

We help you choose the appropriate methods for Document Digitization. You can work in your EMS and DYS systems

You can call us without hesitation for your document management system needs.

For information, you can review the Document Digitization Technique. You can get help for the EMS and DYS system guides.

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We are transferring all your physical documents to the digital and making them searchable from the content. At this point, regardless of the size of your documents, you will be able to find them in the middle of the day. CubeBox DYS You can call us immediately for detailed information about our product named EBYS system</