Check Capture Software


Our Mobile Cheque Capture application (iChequeBox) allows your customers (retail and corporate) and field agents to submit high quality cheque images using their camera-equipped smartphones. It initiates their real-time processing and these can subsequently be presented to the Central Bank for clearing. Thus, using this solution you can establish your bank as a modern, customer-centric organization.


In-built Image Enhancer

Integrated image quality analysis and enhancement including image compression, auto-crop, auto-orientation, skew removal, and noise reduction

Efficient Auto-Extraction

Configurable OCR extraction of MICR, CAR, LAR, Date, Payee Name etc. from the cheque images

Application Configurability

Configurable and rules based application that designs cheque flow as a straight-through process or multi-layered authentication based process

Seamless Integration

Out-of-box integration with Newgen’s Cheque Clearing System or any other third party system deployed at the bank’s back office

End-to-end Reporting

Comprehensive cheque tracking feature that allows customers to track the cheque processing status for reconciliation

Strong Archival

Archival of cheque images, data and complete audit trail within the underlying DMS to ensure compliance