Centiva Enterprise Applications Platform

The web-based Centiva software enables the institutional applications to be collected in a single point in very simple and simple manner in the plugin architecture. At the same time an unlimited number of applications can be offered depending on the user group authority.


Project Description

The Centiva Enterprise Applications Platform provides an infrastructure that targets aggregation under a single framework of ASP.NET applications that are developed within the enterprise / enterprise / enterprise or through outsourcing. This infrastructure is required by all Web-based applications: control of user access and provision of access to the system Creation and authorization of role-based user groups (menu, page and application level) Menu system Site view (logo, menu layout, title, status bar, ) And so on. It also provides basic qualities.

Thanks to Centiva, applications can be developed in a very simple, simple way and easily work on the Centiva infrastructure. At the same time an unlimited number of applications can be offered depending on the user group authority.

  • Web-based
  • Use business logic layer (business rules / workflow) services
  • Plug-in architecture, easy to integrate applications
  • Role-based user management
  • XML based menu structure
  • Complete isolation between applications
  • Web page or user control of the same application can be opened multiple times in isolation
  • Ability to work with multiple applications
  • Easy navigation between tabs
  • It can host an unlimited number of applications.
  • The applications are simple, simple and atomic.
  • In developed applications, Web pages and / or Web user controls (User Control) can be embedded in the DLL file, which prevents Web pages from being attacked.
  • Web services, WCF services and CentaCUBE Business logic layer (business rules / workflows) can be used in applications.
  • Web page and user controls for application and application in atomic structure
  • Multilingual usage
  • Top-level security
  • Facility and ease of maintenance
  • New developer staff can easily adapt to existing applications
  • Faster application development
  • No changes in applications or interruption of new applications when joining the system, no need to restart Internet Information Server
  • Minimal use of code in application interfaces when used with CentraCUBE business rules and workflow system
  • It makes it much easier to develop applications for software developers in terms of long-term solutions to be produced, especially in business problems.
  • Dynamic loading of applications, Web pages other than application libraries (DLLs), and so on. Not to be affected by attacks because the Web page and user controls are embedded in the library, unlike classic Web applications
  • asp.net
  • Telerik
  • ext.net
  • DevExpress, etc.
  • It can be used i