Canon Services

SECUBE is Canon's authorized distributor of printing, imaging and fielding, offering a wide range of printing solutions ranging from small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations and government agencies.

Canon promises quality and speed for high page volume with print technology, color printer and digital professional printing solutions. Canon printers have sophisticated color printing, including a wealth of color controls and a range of utility software designed to enhance your common color management and printing processes.

Wide Format Solutions

Canon, 'wide format printer' product range; Municipal, architectural, engineering and design offices for all the drawing and photo printing needs can meet the needs of a large product park. As SECUBE Informatics, we are proud to share our experience in this field over many years, choosing the right and the best products of the institutions.

Document Scanner Solutions

It is ideal for high-speed Canon document scanners, government agencies and corporations that process a large number of documents. Canon offers unique solutions for transferring paper-based information to digital media. Canon's broad portfolio of document scanners with high speed and performance combine high-quality image entry with ease of use and maintenance. Document scanner solutions make information management more efficient and less time-consuming, and save money, time and space by digitally distributing, storing, and accessing information. As SECUBE Informatics in this field, we are always with you with our experience and experience.

SECUBE Informatics offers you the following products in the Canon Printing and Imaging Group:

Black, color printers and faxes

Office printing and copying solutions

Large format printers