Business Process Optimization

SECUBE ICR OCR Information Management

Combining 30+ years of industry experience and a comprehensive technology portfolio, SECUBE ARGE Informatics helps companies improve knowledge management and accelerate business processes with a dedicated solution.

A+++ Advanced Project Management
Because each company is unique, in-depth analysis of existing business processes and requirements will first determine how your documents are used in operational processes and identify productivity bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

We then share our expertise with you by providing you with the information you need to choose the right Knowledge Management system, accurate ICR, OCR product and digitalization process for your company and end users. In addition to our own custom solutions, we have established long-term strategic alliances with leading IM software editors of the world, which makes the I.R.I.S., together with our functional and technical consulting services. CubeBox, the first and only national ICR and OCR engine in Turkey and the first and only e-archive and document management system in Turkey, is the ideal product to implement proven and customized solutions in your facilities or in remote SaaS mode.

Of course, technological knowledge and software development are only a part of effective project management. Every aspect that is vital to a successful New Business World will be addressed: knowledge lifecycle management, scanning and intelligent document recognition, search technologies, archiving and records management, information adaptation, security and change management so that your users are informed, He walked smoothly and successfully into his surroundings.