ICR/OCR Solutions

One of the biggest opportunities for improvement in a document-focused job lies in the data capture process. ABBYY allows OCR software to transform the documents of businesses that process document processing into business-related data that can be stored on nearby and remote servers. As a one-stop shop for Optical Character Recognition solutions, we strive to keep your satisfaction always on the front and help you solve the most complex data capture challenges facing your business today. As a trusted OCR specialist, we help your business improve productivity, reduce costs, and streamline your data capture process quickly and effortlessly. Using the advanced ABBYY Capture OCR software to automate the entry of customer forms into the system, turn the document into a true business ready. Once the software has processed and removed your vital data, your employees can verify low-confidence characters and export the captured data in various formats. The best part? Our software uses its own processing capabilities to improve your business.