Financial consultant and accounting

Financial consultant and accounting IT Solutions

1. InvoiceCUBE - Automatic Invoice Verification Solution

One of the missing pieces of accounting systems used by firms, accounting systems used by financial advisers and self-accountants, is the digitization of purchase and sales bills. The information on the invoices is entered manually. When there are a large number of invoices, manually entering the billing information takes time and is also open to human error. In case of error, it still takes time to compensate and it may be incomplete or overpayment tax, and compensation is very difficult.

With InvoiceCUBE software, the invoices are retrieved along with the scans of invoices. The suspicious or doubtful letters or figures obtained are marked in different colors and only the correction is made in such suspicious situations and the process is completed in a short time. The completed invoices are converted to PDF format and stored in the digital archive management system. The information (invoice number, invoice date, firm titles, amount, tax office, etc.) of the completed invoiced bills is transferred to the Excel file.

2. CubeBox- Invoice e-Archive

CubeBox is an enterprise e-Archive and Document Management System. It has the ability to search for unique content. You can search the contents without opening the files. At this point you gain speed and save time. It also offers the option to sync with Dropbox and Google Drive. Your Digital, Digital Archive Everything you need to manage is provided by CubeBox. With digital archive management you can review our digital archive service.

The E-Archive is an application that allows the bills to be organized in electronic form and to be kept and submitted in electronic form in order to be organized, kept and presented in paper environment in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law.

E-Archive solution with e-billing and non-taxable e-mail etc. You can reach the bill by roads and store the second copy in electronic form. In this way, the costs of space saving, time saving, paper, cargo are eliminated by removing all of them from the use and storage of invoices.

Tax Procedures Law No. 433 published in the Official Gazette dated 30/12/2013 and numbered 28867, electronic signature application, bills and e-Archive Report creation, financial seal or NES signed with time stamp until the General Assembly meeting Processing places that can be transferred to the Presidency System of the creation reports.