Why do you need crypto solutions? Is SecureCUBE safe?

securecub to! The Crypto Algorithm can be optionally used by adding the standard 256-bit AES Algorithm. securecub to! Since the key length of the Hybrid Algorithm changes every time, your security will be maximized and you will save time as it performs the crypto operation in a very short time.

Can I follow only the videos with the mmCUBE Multimedia Information System?

The Multimedia Information System is a high-tech information retrieval system that allows video to be scanned by visual, audio and textual scanning method.

What can be done with the CentraCUBE Workflow System?

The workflow management system allows business rules to be visually designed. Allows complex rules, application logic, business logic to be created with visual documents in a short time without using programming languages.

Why e-Signature, why SignCUBE?

It prevents any information or data sent by a user from being passed on or modified by someone else.

Do the products fit my company?

We will visit your company at the time you request our products for your desired products, perform feasibility studies and offer you the optimum solution for the integration of our products to your company.

How do I buy services?

You can contact us at secube@secube.com or call 444 1 335 to purchase the service.